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Proper Probiotics for Your Needs

I know some of you are working very diligently on your health. At times it can be difficult to avoid feeling that life on earth just isn’t fair. Take for example the gentleman in England who doesn’t drink water – only beer – smokes cigarettes, doesn’t pay particular attention to his diet, only to eat […]

Drug-Free Tips for Fighting Acid Reflux

If you’ve dealt with acid reflux (AKA GERD), you know you will do about anything to get that feeling to stop. Acid reflux isn’t something you can just choose to ignore and of course it often gets worse at night when you lie down and try to get some sleep. The pharmaceutical industry has given […]

What You Need to Know About Sleep

Some people have what I call “the gift of sleep.” No matter how stressed or out of sorts their body is, they can somehow still sleep. This post isn’t written for them. I’m more interested in talking to those of you who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. We know a lot about the effects of […]