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Natural Nail Care Methods

Nail care can be a frustrating issue that makes many women feel less feminine when they are unable to keep long, well-manicured finger nails. Many people then search for alternatives, such as natural nail care methods that can help boost nail growth for optimum results. Here are a few tips for natural nail care that […]

How Vitamin D Deficiencies Affect Your Body

We’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating – making sure you are getting enough vitamin D in your system is very important. This is a very common issue that many people are facing, despite the fact that they eat vitamin D-fortified foods. The OVitaminPro staff did some research and has discovered a few […]

Taking a Summer Snooze – How to Relax All Summer Long

Sleep is essential for many aspects of your life including self-healing, repair of blood vessels, and preventing major issues such as kidney disease, high blood pressure and even stroke. Here are a few ways to enjoy a nap or a whole night’s sleep when you introduce natural sleep aid supplements: Chamomile – Chamomile tea might […]