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Vitamin C & Vaccines | Part II

After last week’s blog, I began thinking about why there would be so much resistance to something simple as Vitamin C before and after vaccines. My current hunch is that the medical community at large has a HUGE investment in the obligatory notion that vaccines be safe and effective. Anything that undermines that dogma had […]

Vitamin C & Vaccines | Part I

Every now and then, I wade into the world of vaccines. It seems to me that a lot of the controversy would disappear if doctors and parents applied a little Vitamin C to the mix. Let me explain. In the 1970’s I worked at the Institute for Medical Research in San Jose, Ca. I had […]

What Do You Know About Vitamin B12? (Part II)

In our previous blog, we talked about the four types of vitamin B12 and what benefits they have. But what happens when you take a vitamin B12 supplement? When you ingest vitamin B12, it is freed from the original binding protein in the stomach but then is bound to another protein secreted by the stomach […]