Posts made in July, 2009

Help for Good Digestion

I have been reviewing a lot of diagnostic blood tests lately and seeing a lot of folks out there with digestive issues. Digestion is key to the over all health of your body. There can be many reasons for poor digestion. Two of the most common are imbalance of intestinal bacteria and low stomach acids that aid in digestion. Some of the symptoms that might present themselves are acid reflux, excessive bloating, gas and belching. Many people...

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Live Long and Prosper

Like Spock from Star Trek bestowing the salutation “live long and prosper” I believe long life if lived healthy should be a goal for all of us. Many studies have shown it is not the development of new scientific breakthroughs in wonder drugs that extend our lives. It is the simple truths that work; good diet, good sleep and eliminating the stress in our environment. Toxins that build up in our body are a form of environmental...

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