Posts made in November, 2009

Urinary Neurotranmitter Testing, How reliable is it?

Urinary neurotransmitter testing: can brain function be reliably measured in the urine? The brain has been labeled “the final frontier in medicine”. Rightly so, a complex structure that controls aspects of existence that have yet to be understood, the organ is shrouded in mystery. While some of its functions may never be completely elucidated, many of its fundamental processes are clearly mapped out in science. For example, we know...

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Tired Of Not Sleeping?

Ideally you spend about 8 hours per day, 56 hours per week, 240 hours per month, and 2,920 hours per year (one third of our lives) sleeping. At least some of us do. Studies show that 70 million people in the United States alone suffer from the effects of insufficient sleep.  What does that break down to in dollars? Sleep studies show a conservative estimate of $100 million dollars a year are spent on medical bills, lost work and accidents due...

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