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Fight Adrenal Depletion

Have you ever heard of the condition know as adrenal depletion?  Adrenal depletion is a condition that can be associated with lack of motivation, lack of energy, food cravings, anxiety, allergies, and just plain ole’ not being able to get out of bed in the morning. The Adrenals are two small endocrine glands that are located directly above the kidneys that work to provide your body with the ability to regulate inflammation, to cope with...

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Make the Plan – Work the Plan

Yikes! It’s August already! Stores have their school supplies out, commercials are telling us it’s time to shop for school clothes and the days are getting shorter. So now that summer is wrapping up what are your plans for fall? Are you glad to get back in a routine? What shopping do you have left to do? Whether you’re planning what the kids need for school or what you need to get done before school starts remember proper nutrition takes a...

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Vitamin C For Students

Much to the relief of parents and the dismay of students everywhere, back to school is just around the corner.  The final few weeks of summer vacation are slowly dwindling down.  In a few days, the kids will be heading back into the crowded school buildings to begin a new year of learning and discovery. But a return to school means the return of possible sickness.  A school is a place where many people come together and interact.  This allows...

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The Forgotten Vitamin: D

There are so many vitamins and minerals that our bodies need that it can become difficult to figure out ways to make sure we are receiving sufficient levels.  To make matters more difficult, some of the vitamins we need are found in very rare sources. One such example is Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is rarely found naturally.  The most accessible form of naturally occurring Vitamin D is sunlight.  Sunlight actually helps the body synthesize more...

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August is National Water Quality Month

At, we love to be able to help you live a happier and more enjoyable life.  We are proud to provide you with vitamins and supplements that can help you live comfortably with a variety of ailments.  It’s no fun to move through life if you aren’t feeling your best. Although vitamins and supplements are helpful, they are not the only substances that we put into our bodies, as we must eat and drink each day.  The things...

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