Posts made in October, 2010

The 3 R’s of GI Repair

Intestinal permeability commonly referred to as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, can be a major contributor to an overall poor state of health. Leaky gut syndrome occurs when there is a breakdown of the protective mucosal layer that lines the intestine. A breakdown of this barrier can allow food, toxins, and bacteria to enter the blood stream causing your immune system to react and affect the way you feel. There are numerous approaches to address leaky...

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National Nut Day/Antioxidant Support

October 22nd is National Nut Day!  Although not one of the more well-known days of celebration, it is still a time where fun can be had an lessons can be learned. One popular activity on this day is the “Peanut Toss Game.”  The way to play is to procure a few cans of peanuts and empty them all into one big bowl.  Then label each of the cans with a number.  Usually 1 through 5 is sufficient, but you can change things up as much as you want. ...

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Stop Breast Cancer Before It Starts

As most of you know this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everything in the news seems to put the emphasis on early detection and medical breakthrough cures. I have a problem with that thinking. Main stream medical never thinks about prevention. The majority of cancer research money goes into pharmaceuticals cures and completely overlooks prevention; even self breast exam (which I am in favor of) is about finding cancer that is already...

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Global Handwashing Day

We all want to stay as healthy as possible.  Being sick is never fun.  There a lot of practices we can observe to help keep ourselves healthy.  One of the simplest steps you can take is to wash your hands.  The reason we are reminding you today is because October 15th is Global Handwashing Day! Washing your hands can help keep you healthy as germs can live on many services.  Think of all of the surfaces you touch in one day.  Now think of how...

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Adopt A Shelter Animal Month

When we think of our pets, we think of the warmth and happiness that they bring us. We love to wake up to a wagging tail or a purring kitten. Our pets have the ability to show us unconditional love and for that we are most thankful. But there are some pets that don’t have the chance to show their love. There are the pets in animal shelters waiting to find a new home. In honor of October being Adopt A Shelter Animal Month, we ask that you...

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