Posts made in June, 2011

Dealing with Inflammation

While everyone’s body is different, we usually respond to inflammation in the same type of way. We just don’t feel well. Some of us experience pain, swelling, or redness. Others experience inflammation with more flu-like symptoms. When inflammation occurs, it’s usually an indication that there’s something foreign in our bodies. However, if you suffer from a condition like asthma, arthritis, allergies, or an autoimmune disorder, inflammation is...

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What is Inflammation?

If you’ve been reading about the effects of antioxidants, the benefits of a healthy diet, or the results of an infection, you’ve probably seen the term inflammation. While inflammation may manifest itself in a variety of ways, it’s important to know exactly what inflammation is and how it may be affecting your body. First and foremost, inflammation is the process by which your body protects itself from infection. In most cases, that means that...

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A Gluten-Free Lifestyle Doesn’t Have to Be Flavorless

Anyone who is already on a gluten-free diet already knows that there are plenty of options when it comes to food.  While gluten is in so many of the things we come in contact with, limiting our gluten exposure can be simple with the right dietary choices. Today, there are countless cookbooks, restaurants, and food aisles filled with gluten-free foods, but the million dollar question is: does a gluten-free diet actually good? The answer is yes!...

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Celebrating Father’s Day & Men’s Health Month

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads out there! This month is not only the month we celebrate Father’s Day but it also Men’s Health Month. Most people may not realize that men have different health needs than women in many areas of nutrition. One of these areas is Fish Oils also called Omega -3s or EPA-DHA. Studies have shown that Omega-3s derived from fish oils rather than flax seed oil and other plant based oils, are more beneficial to...

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Gluten and Communion

I recently received a question about gluten in communion wafers. The short answer is that unless great care has been taken by the clergy to select a wafer that is gluten free, you must assume that it is a normal, wheat-based wafer and will contain the toxin we call gluten. Some studies have shown that even a communion wafer-sized piece of bread once a month is enough to keep some gluten sensitive people in a high risk category for early death. ...

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