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Our Supplement Safety Tips

At, we pride ourselves on being very attentive to the needs of our customers. We take time to learn from the best healthcare professionals, researchers, and supplement manufacturers to ensure that we can provide the best advice and the best products to our customers. In recent months, we’ve noticed that the media has been buzzing about the safety of vitamins and other supplements. We’d like to give you more...

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Are Supplements Necessary and Are Supplements Safe?

It all depends on the way you look at it. For many people, supplements offer a higher quality of living and just, well, to put it simply, a way to feel better. Some people just have a difficult time absorbing certain nutrients and as a result, develop deficiencies. Supplements can sometimes correct these deficiencies as well as the side effects that come along with the lack of a particular nutrient. Supplements can also enhance good health and...

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What You Need to Know About Glutathione

Glutathione has been one of the hottest topics in the health and wellness industry for years now. In a recent interview with, one expert gave an excellent definition of glutathione: “Glutathione is a very interesting, very small molecule that’s [produced by the body and] found in every cell,” said Gustavo Bounous, MD, director of research and development at Immunotec and a retired professor of surgery at McGill...

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Are Vitamins and Supplements Safe?

The media has been buzzing for the past few months about the effects of vitamins and supplements. We’d like to set the record straight and provide you with more information about the issues since we feel that much of the reporting done left a lot to be desired. Reporting on a health and wellness topic like the safety of supplements can be challenging and there are plenty of resources out there that we’d like to share with you to...

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Understanding Progesterone and its Importance to the Female Body

Among the most vital hormones in a female’s body, progesterone is naturally released from a woman’s ovaries. When the level of progesterone produced by the ovaries changes, it can lead to abnormal menstrual cycles and can cause symptoms of menopause. This important hormone is necessary to become pregnant, because it’s needed to implant the fertilized egg in the uterus, and to help the developing embryo. All in all,...

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