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BeaglePets: they can quickly become a part of our human family. They know how to comfort us in times of need and sleep at the end of our beds at night. They require the same amount of love and attention a small child would, so caring for them can sometimes be a challenge. Many pet products have harmful chemicals in them that can be dangerous to you and your animal. However, there are natural products you can give your animal to help prolong their life and keep them healthy. has some supplements you can give to your pet to ensure they have a long, happy, and healthy life.

Here are some key pet supplements we recommend for any animal:

Glucosamine- This once a day supplement, such as Pet Naturals Hip + Joint  Chews, can help your furry friend’s joints stay healthy, especially if he/she is getting up there in age. This natural amino acid is found in connective tissue. When your animal becomes older, this connective tissue wears away, making it harder to use the joints. By giving this to your animal once a day, it can help replace the connective tissue that is lost.

Probiotics- Some breeds of animals are more sensitive to digestive problems than others. If your pet is experiencing a touchy GI track, try giving them some sort of probiotic, like Pet Naturals Digestive Support. These help stabilize the immune system while making the GI track less sensitive.

Coenzymes— Does your pup have rancid breath? Try giving them a natural product containing some coenzymes. This will keep your animal’s breath fresh, along with preventing them from future disease by improving their oral health.

How do you supplement your pet?



Natural Supplements for Your Pet

Pet Naturals of Vermont Supplements

Pet Naturals of Vermont Supplements

Choosing the right supplements for your pet can be a daunting task however, choosing natural supplements is a great way to contribute to your pet’s overall wellness level. Because most pet foods are processed, they lose essential nutrients that your pet needs to maintain a proper coat, healthy skin, a strong immune system and good digestive function. The lack of these pertinent nutrients can cause itchy skin, excessive shedding, bad breath, poor coat, and digestive issues.

Pet Naturals of Vermont is a line of products that are made from all-natural ingredients that are designed to address most common health concerns. Pet Naturals offers supplements to care for your pet’s digestive health, coat, skin, joints and immune system by filling in the nutritional gaps that most pet foods leave behind. They also offer all-natural treats to round out your pet’s diet with something healthy – and yummy!

Looking to help your cat get healthier? Here are some pet supplements from the Pet Naturals line that can help:

  • AntiOx 10- An antioxidant that helps normalize the release of histamine from mast cells to support capillary strength.
  • Calming Cat Chews- These chews are naturally formulated to help introduce a level of calmness to your cat.
  • Daily Best Chews- These chews are a multivitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Hair Ball Chews- Formulated to help skin, hair and intestinal health. It also helps prevent hairballs.
  • Smelly Cat Chews- Helps keep your cat’s intestines healthier and also reduces flatulence, improves breath, and reduces cat box odor.

Need something for your dog? Pet Natural supplements like these can help you take better care of your four-legged friend:

  • AntiOx 50- An antioxidant that helps normalize the release of histamine from mast cells to support capillary strength.
  • AntiOx 100- Helps perk up your dog’s immune system and improves circulation. It also helps normalize the release of histamine from mast cells to support capillary strength.
  • Calming Chews for Small and Medium-Large Dogs- These chews are a safe way to help naturally mellow out your dog.
  • Calming Formula- A liquid formulated to help your dog maintain a normal and healthy balance of alertness and emotional control.
  • Daily Best Chews- Chews designed to give your dog multivitamin and mineral support.
  • Digestive Support- Formulated to help with sensitive stomachs (Some breeds are more susceptible to upset stomachs).
  • Hip + Joint Chews- Designed to help with your dog’s joint maintenance.
  • Immune Support- Formulated to help your dog when facing infections as well as other immune problems.
  • Skin + Coat Chews- Formulated to help your dog’s skin and coat.
  • Daily Catch with Wild Salmon Oil Chews- These chews contain fish oil supplements that help reduce inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease, and help brain function.

We all want the best for our pets and by choosing natural supplements you are ensuring that they maintain a healthy, happy life. Check out the selection of Pet Naturals supplements in our selection today.



Introducing Pet Naturals of Vermont Cat Supplements!

At, good health is important to us, not just in our own bodies, but also in the bodies of our furry friends! If you love your pet and want to give him or her a better quality of life, you may want to think about utilizing pet supplements that we provide in our selection.

Pet supplements can help fill in nutritional gaps that most pet foods seem to leave out. If you have a pet that seems to smell, itch frequently, or who might not be getting the right nutrition, supplementation could be the answer for you. Luckily, at, we carry a full line of pet supplements from Pet Naturals of Vermont to help you get started.

As a new addition to our offering of pet supplements, is pleased to announce that we now carry cat supplements in addition to our array of dog supplements! Dogs and cats alike both deserve a high quality of life and supplementation can help a wide variety of pet problems ranging from stinky smells to hairballs. Plus, with Pet Naturals of Vermont supplements, you can trust that you’re getting a natural solution that can work with your pet’s chemistry from the inside out to enhance the overall quality of life.

If you have a dog, you already know that we carry a great array of supplements to improve skin, coat, and digestive health. However, if you have a cat, be sure to check out our new selection of cat supplements to help with everything from hairballs to calming your kitty down.

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