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Genetic Screening: The Future of Your Wellness

You might have heard about MTHFR its significance. The gene is important in several pathways dealing with detox and energy. Labs are finally getting on board and are proud of themselves for offering an MTHFR screen and to let you know if you are homozygous (both alleles of the gene are affected) or heterozygous (ony one […]

5 Great Methods to Get Your Heart Pumping This Summer

Having a healthy heart is very important – everyone knows that. There are lots of ways to care for your heart, but many people do not know the best ways to natural keep your heart healthy. Instead of relying on drugs and other methods, the team at OVitaminPro has researched a wide array of natural […]

Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Injuries

Dealing with injuries and chronic pain issues can be painful in itself. Visits to doctors, hospital trips, repeat visits, and constant prescriptions seem to be the only thing offered to you by doctors and other health professionals. In addition to providing you with quality vitamins you should take everyday, OVitaminPro is here to help you […]