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Fight Diabetes with Education & Motivation

I’d like to talk about Type II and Type III diabetes. These are largely preventable with a little awareness and modest changes in behavior. Type I diabetes is otherwise known as Juvenile Onset Diabetes and is an autoimmune disorder that knocks out the body’s ability to make insulin in the pancreas. The treatment is diet […]

MTHFR and Getting the Whole Story on Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer awareness and new breast cancer treatments – these are in the news almost constantly. Studies are being done on using your genetic footprint to help determine which chemotherapy might be best to treat your breast cancer. Now, as exciting as things might be, I think it is way more exciting to know something […]

Supplements for Breast Health

In addition to celebrating Halloween in October, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month! During this time, it’s important for women all over the world to learn about breast cancer and what they can do to prevent it from becoming an issue. There are many different supplements you can take to keep your breasts healthy. Take […]