Vitamins to Help You Live Longer

Human beings are living longer and looking more youthful than ever before and a large part of that is due to a booming healthy industry. Between heightened technology, growing health trends, and increased knowledge, we’re able to address health concerns from the very start and take measures to avoid potential ailments that are often associated with natural aging. As we age, our bodies go through the natural process of aging, which can leave us...

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Take Care of Your Microbiome to Take Care of Your Body

Welcome to the community. What community? Well, it is now apparent that a human being is more than just an orderly array of human cells; the body an ecosystem, a community of human and microbial cells. The microbes might see things differently, since they outnumber human cells 10:1 and number in the trillions (which, to give you a better sense of scope, is “a million million”). They might see us as their ambulatory support units. We...

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Summer Snacks for On-the-Go

Summer is officially here and that means lots and lots of traveling! Whether you’re planning day trips to the beach, spending your summer road tripping the country, or simply exploring your own hometown on a fun “staycation,” you need fuel to keep you going and that means healthy snacks! Between high temperatures and the need to pack lightly, snacking smartly isn’t always the easiest thing. Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks that are...

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Supplements to Support Your Summer Body Workouts

While anybody can benefit from taking a daily supplement, athletes especially require a little extra boost in nutrition. Running, weight lifting, and even power walking can be hard on our bodies, putting strain on our muscles, joints, and bones. Strenuous activity requires particularly close attention paid to our bodies to ensure optimal performance and a lifelong of health. Whether you’re new to the world of frequent workouts or already...

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Boosting Workout Motivation After a Slow Spring Start

So after a long winter season, you vowed to boost your workout routine, only to be deterred by rainy spring weather, still-chilly temperatures, and perhaps teary eyed and runny nose allergies. Fortunately, it’s never too late to get back into the swing of daily workouts, and with summer just around the corner, it’s more imperative than ever. If you’re struggling to regain that much needed workout motivation, keep these tricks and tips in mind....

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