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Fight Adrenal Depletion

Have you ever heard of the condition know as adrenal depletion?  Adrenal depletion is a condition that can be associated with lack of motivation, lack of energy, food cravings, anxiety, allergies, and just plain ole’ not being able to get out of bed in the morning.

The Adrenals are two small endocrine glands that are located directly above the kidneys that work to provide your body with the ability to regulate inflammation, to cope with stress, fight allergy sensitivity, produce energy, heighten stamina, regulate blood sugar,  and help with emotional balance.  Those are a lot of important bodily functions!

When we put ourselves into periods of high-stress, insufficient sleep, not enough Vitamin C, not enough protein, or over use of caffeine/stimulants, our Adrenal glands become depleted and it becomes harder for our bodies to combat the conditions mentioned above.

If you feel that you are suffering from this condition, you could use Bezwecken Isocort to help provide your body with a regular and healthy dose of adrenal-cortical substance, which will allow your Adrenals to slowly regenerate their reserves.  These tablets can really help make you feel like your old self.


Make the Plan – Work the Plan

Yikes! It’s August already! Stores have their school supplies out, commercials are telling us it’s time to shop for school clothes and the days are getting shorter.

So now that summer is wrapping up what are your plans for fall? Are you glad to get back in a routine? What shopping do you have left to do?

Whether you’re planning what the kids need for school or what you need to get done before school starts remember proper nutrition takes a little planning too!  Put together a list of healthy meals and snacks to help guard against the pitfalls of reaching for fast or processed food.

Not all snack foods are created equally. Read your labels and look for hidden sources of things like high fructose corn syrup. Recent studies show high fructose responsible for anything from ADD to the proliferation of cancer cells. Some culprits that contain high fructose are box juices and pudding snacks.

Many parents have commented, “I send healthy snacks with my kids and they come back in their lunch boxes.” I hear what you’re saying the old adage “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink the juice box!” does propose a dilemma.

This is where OVitaminPro comes in! Just like you supplement your diet with vitamins you especially need to supplement your child’s diet. Most children don’t choose the healthy snacks and it is difficult to get them to eat anything green. I had a mom tell me once their child was on a white diet. If it wasn’t white he wouldn’t eat it. I asked her what she meant. She said, “You know, white bread, white sugar, white rice, white cereal the four basic food groups!”

The supplements I recommend for all children are the big three; multi-vitamin-mineral, Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil. Studies have shown that children who take 2,000 i.u.’s of Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil do better in school, have fewer colds and flues and less life threatening childhood diseases.

Nutri-West makes a great child’s chewable multi and chewable fish oil. Apex liquid Ultra D is perfect for the D3 your child needs. I know you can’t send them off to school with this but you can make sure they take them with their breakfast in the morning, assured that when they go to school and eat the kids Twizzlers next to them at least they started the day with what they needed to carry them through.

Congratulations to our September contest winner Brady Warren!! The Neuro-Adrenal test kit is on its way!  Here’s a snippet of  Brady’s comment about Neuroscience.

“Neuroscience has wonderful products. I have used many and have experienced health benefits. I am no longer taking the antidepressants. I feel better than I have in years. OVitaminPro has directed me to the products that would best suit my needs. Daxitrol from Neuroscience has been a big one. After struggling with food cravings and energy slumps for years, I noticed an immediate reduction in food cravings (I’d say by 80%) AND much more energy.”


Vitamin C For Students

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Much to the relief of parents and the dismay of students everywhere, back to school is just around the corner.  The final few weeks of summer vacation are slowly dwindling down.  In a few days, the kids will be heading back into the crowded school buildings to begin a new year of learning and discovery.

But a return to school means the return of possible sickness.  A school is a place where many people come together and interact.  This allows for the potential of the transmission of germs or other microbials.  You want to make sure that your immune system stays in tip-top shape in order to fight off any outside threat to your body’s health.

That is why you will want to take a vitamin C supplement from  Our product:  C-Zyme 1000 Z-4 is the most complete vitamin C supplement you can find.  The formula contains four different types of vitamin C along with supporting minerals and digestive enzymes to assist your body in absorbing these important substances.  Not only will vitamin C give a boost to your immune system, but it will also support your collagen network and is an essential anti-oxidant.

So make sure you order your vitamin C supplements now so that you have them in hand by the time your student heads back to school.

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