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Give a Little Lovin’ to your Pet with Pet Naturals

At, it’s no secret that we’re fans of our furry friends. While we have a doggie mascot (catch his picture on our About Us page!) unofficially for OVitaminPro, we also put a lot of focus on taking care of our pets through nutrition. Supplements aren’t just great for people – they can be just as important in the overall health of our pets. When we found Pet Naturals of Vermont, we instantly knew it would be a great fit for...

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Encourage Better Pet Health

Pets: they can quickly become a part of our human family. They know how to comfort us in times of need and sleep at the end of our beds at night. They require the same amount of love and attention a small child would, so caring for them can sometimes be a challenge. Many pet products have harmful chemicals in them that can be dangerous to you and your animal. However, there are natural products you can give your animal to help prolong their...

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Natural Supplements for Your Pet

Choosing the right supplements for your pet can be a daunting task however, choosing natural supplements is a great way to contribute to your pet’s overall wellness level. Because most pet foods are processed, they lose essential nutrients that your pet needs to maintain a proper coat, healthy skin, a strong immune system and good digestive function. The lack of these pertinent nutrients can cause itchy skin, excessive shedding, bad...

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Introducing Pet Naturals of Vermont Cat Supplements!

At, good health is important to us, not just in our own bodies, but also in the bodies of our furry friends! If you love your pet and want to give him or her a better quality of life, you may want to think about utilizing pet supplements that we provide in our selection. Pet supplements can help fill in nutritional gaps that most pet foods seem to leave out. If you have a pet that seems to smell, itch frequently, or who might...

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Adopt A Shelter Animal Month

When we think of our pets, we think of the warmth and happiness that they bring us. We love to wake up to a wagging tail or a purring kitten. Our pets have the ability to show us unconditional love and for that we are most thankful. But there are some pets that don’t have the chance to show their love. There are the pets in animal shelters waiting to find a new home. In honor of October being Adopt A Shelter Animal Month, we ask that you...

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Help Keep Your Pooch Calm

Do you have a canine friend who is easily excitable?  Do  you have a dog who can become stressed or tense over loud or unfamiliar noises?  Wish that there was a way that you could help calm your pup’s nerves?  With the help of a dog calming supplement from, you can keep your pooch calm. The summer usually presents a lot more instances where dogs can become stressed.  Situations that produce loud noises, such as...

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