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MTHFR and Getting the Whole Story on Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer awareness and new breast cancer treatments – these are in the news almost constantly. Studies are being done on using your genetic footprint to help determine which chemotherapy might be best to treat your breast cancer. Now, as exciting as things might be, I think it is way more exciting to know something […]

How Vitamin D Deficiencies Affect Your Body

We’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating – making sure you are getting enough vitamin D in your system is very important. This is a very common issue that many people are facing, despite the fact that they eat vitamin D-fortified foods. The OVitaminPro staff did some research and has discovered a few […]

Finding the Answers for Kidney Support

Some of the earliest known references to kidney disease are found in the Roman baths. The idea was to take some of the load off of the kidneys by using the sweat mechanism to detox the body. By the 1800s, we had scientific descriptions of polycystic kidneys and even dialysis, though effective dialysis treatments didn’t […]