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Gluten and diabetes: Media Screws up the Science Again

You may have read that a study supposedly reports a connection between a low gluten or a gluten free diet on an increase in Type II Diabetes (often called Adult Onset Diabetes). As is often the case, the need for click-bait headlines supersedes the goal to get it right. This is the kind of headline […]

EnzymeGenix for Digestive Health

Year after year we have more reasons to talk about gut health. Studies continue to show the links between the gut health in relation to brain health and immune function. Overall, studies have shown that anything that you can do to improve your digestive tract function, the better you are going to feel. The digestive […]

Allergies & Sensitivities

Too many people have to deal with allergies. Allergies refer to an atypical reaction to a foreign protein that the body usually interprets as harmless. In the case of an allergic response, the immune system goes to work to fight off the protein, resulting in symptoms such as a swollen tongue or hives. These reactions […]