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Telomere Testing

Would you like to get a picture of your overall health – and maybe even get an idea of how long you are likely to live? I know some people don’t want to know. If this is you, you can look for something else to read instead. But before you go, consider this: what if […]

Methylation and Your Body: Part One

In this blog space we like to talk about health issues that mean something to the average person and offer tips that can make a difference right away. Periodically we will circle back to methylation. Methylation can be quite a knot to unravel; however, as we keep chipping away at it, we can slowly make […]

Methylation and Your Body: Part Two

In this continuation of our previous post, we will go over how to get proper methylation, and determining if methylation is an issue at all for you. For starters, genetic testing is helpful as it points out defects in genes like MTRR and MTHFR. Of course, this story is way more complicated than a couple […]