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Alzheimer’s and Early Onset Dementia

I received a question about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and early onset dementia. The person asked if Apex Energetics Acetyl-CH would be helpful for her with the early onset dementia and for her grandfather with Alzheimer’s. You can imagine that a brief reply to such a complex question would not be that simple.   But first, […]

Telomere Testing

Would you like to get a picture of your overall health – and maybe even get an idea of how long you are likely to live? I know some people don’t want to know. If this is you, you can look for something else to read instead. But before you go, consider this: what if […]

Methylation and Your Body: Part One

In this blog space we like to talk about health issues that mean something to the average person and offer tips that can make a difference right away. Periodically we will circle back to methylation. Methylation can be quite a knot to unravel; however, as we keep chipping away at it, we can slowly make […]