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Heart Disease

For all the research and millions spent, heart disease is still the primary cause of death and disability for both men and women but still remains largely preventable. When you look at what people have in the shopping carts and see the drive-through line at fast food restaurants and donut shops, the death rate from […]

Alzheimer’s and Early Onset Dementia

I received a question about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and early onset dementia. The person asked if Apex Energetics Acetyl-CH would be helpful for her with the early onset dementia and for her grandfather with Alzheimer’s. You can imagine that a brief reply to such a complex question would not be that simple.   But first, […]

Telomere Testing

Would you like to get a picture of your overall health – and maybe even get an idea of how long you are likely to live? I know some people don’t want to know. If this is you, you can look for something else to read instead. But before you go, consider this: what if […]