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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Supplements?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of nutritional supplements you find yourself taking? I haven’t done an official count of what I take, but a quick mental calculation says it’s about 35 or so, and I have a specific reason for each one. I have hesitated to share this in the past, because nobody […]

The Struggle is Real: How Akrasia Affects Our Decision-Making

Back in November, I wrote a bit about Type II and Type III (Alzheimer’s Disease) Diabetes, how these are largely preventable diseases and how some lifestyle changes can make a big difference in outcomes. This is really old news, as just about everyone dealing with high blood sugar knows about losing weight, exercising, avoiding high […]

Fight Diabetes with Education & Motivation

I’d like to talk about Type II and Type III diabetes. These are largely preventable with a little awareness and modest changes in behavior. Type I diabetes is otherwise known as Juvenile Onset Diabetes and is an autoimmune disorder that knocks out the body’s ability to make insulin in the pancreas. The treatment is diet […]