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Blood Brain Barrier – Part One of Two

Most people have at least heard of the blood brain barrier (BBB). This barrier isn’t exactly a wall but a physiological system of substance control that is allowing some things in and preventing the movement of others into the brain. This was first observed in people with jaundice (from bilirubin) or a yellow color throughout […]

Blood Brain Barrier – Part Two of Two

One other way to get an idea of BBB integrity is the GABA test. The brain prefers to make its own GABA, which is GABA taken in a supplement form doesn’t readily cross the BBB as it is a fairly large molecule and isn’t actively transported across the tight endothelial junction. The only exception seems […]

Methylation and Your Body: Part One

In this blog space we like to talk about health issues that mean something to the average person and offer tips that can make a difference right away. Periodically we will circle back to methylation. Methylation can be quite a knot to unravel; however, as we keep chipping away at it, we can slowly make […]