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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Supplements?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of nutritional supplements you find yourself taking? I haven’t done an official count of what I take, but a quick mental calculation says it’s about 35 or so, and I have a specific reason for each one. I have hesitated to share this in the past, because nobody […]

The Struggle is Real: How Akrasia Affects Our Decision-Making

Back in November, I wrote a bit about Type II and Type III (Alzheimer’s Disease) Diabetes, how these are largely preventable diseases and how some lifestyle changes can make a big difference in outcomes. This is really old news, as just about everyone dealing with high blood sugar knows about losing weight, exercising, avoiding high […]

Spotlight On: ClearVite CLA

ClearVite CLA is designed to support the intestines, perform a liver detoxification, and support your sugar metabolism, your muscular system and your body’s gastrointestinal function. On top of cleansing the body of harmful toxins, it is also an integral part in eliminating potentially damaging foods from your diet. While taking ClearVite CLA, your body will […]