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Taking Statins? Why You Should Think About CoQ-10

A decade ago, government studies showed that about 50% of men and 35% of women in the U.S. between the ages of 65 and 74 used statin drugs. Even in the 46 – 64 age group, about 1 in 5 men and women were taking a statin. Data hasn’t been gathered as religiously of late, […]

Regulating and Lowering Iron Levels

When we do a genetic and blood analysis we often see indicators that hemochromatosis may be an issue. Hemochromatosis is a fancy way of saying that the body tends to hold on to iron too efficiently. As with any genetic test, you will have to correlate the genetic tendency with the actual clinical presentation. If […]

Proper Probiotics for Your Needs

I know some of you are working very diligently on your health. At times it can be difficult to avoid feeling that life on earth just isn’t fair. Take for example the gentleman in England who doesn’t drink water – only beer – smokes cigarettes, doesn’t pay particular attention to his diet, only to eat […]