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Microbiome and Probiotics Part 2

The last time we talked about the Human Microbiome Project, research recognized that you can’t just kill all microbes to improve health. The germ theory of disease has come a long way. We, as human beings, are really an ecosystem that involves a complex cooperation between human and microbiome cells. It can be assumed that […]

Getting Better Sleep with Sleep Aid Products

Not getting good sleep? Thousands of studies will back you up in stating how important sleep is to your mental and overall health. If sleep has been a problem of yours for a time, you have probably experimented with some pharmaceutical solutions but now are reading this blog because those didn’t work like the flashy […]

Microbiome and Probiotic Supplements: Part 1

People asking questions about probiotics know that a probiotic can be helpful and just want to know how to choose one and what is a good bacteria count. You can probably find a couple of hundred decent probiotic formulas and each one has its philosophy. From what I have read, the probiotics you take as a […]