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Give your eyes a rest.

In our last post, we talked about some practical dietary considerations that you can utilize to take better care of your eyes. In this post, we’ll dive into some lifestyle changes you can make so that your eyes feel less strained – and so that you can see more clearly.

Here are five easy ways to better care for your eyes:

1.       Give your eyes a chance to relax every once in awhile. This is a great exercise for when your eyes feel strained or heavy. Start by rubbing your palms together for about 30 seconds. Once they feel warm, cup them over your closed eyes. Breathe deeply and focus on relaxing your eyes in total darkness for a minute or two.

2.       Get your eyes checked at least once every year. August is National Eye Exam Month and it’s a good reminder! Getting your eyes examined can help you stop eye problems before they start.

3.       Don’t strain your eyes. That means taking reading and computer breaks and not working in dimly lit rooms. Also, adjust things so that you can read more comfortably. Eye strain is an easy way to not only get a headache, but to also damage your eyesight.

4.       Always use eye protection. If you go outside, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Too much sun can contribute to eye disorders like cataracts, so wearing a hat and sunglasses is vital. Not sure if your sunglasses block UV rays? Look for a label on the classes that say they block UV-A and UV-B rays.

5.       Dry eyes can also become a problem, so it’s important to keep them moisturized. Use artificial tears if needed, but you can also make changes to your environment. Use an air purifier and a humidifier to improve the air quality and rid the air of allergens that can aggravate the eye.