Cold and flu season is well underway and if you want to prevent the spread of illness while reducing  your risk of getting sick, we recommend you trying out these 5 tips.

1.)    Take an antioxidant supplement or cold and flu supplement that’s designed to boost your immune system as well as your resistance to cold and flu. We highly recommend trying any of our immune system support supplements.

2.)    Wash  your hands frequently. Germs are easily transferred through touch and as we go through our days handling phones, doors, desktops, pens, toys, or stair railings, it can be easy to pick them up. To keep clean and free of harmful amounts of germs, try to wash your hands using warm water and soap for about 15 to 30 seconds. One trick to make sure that you wash your hands long enough is to sing “Happy Birthday” in your head twice while you wash.

3.)    Stay hydrated. This is one of the best ways for your body to flush out toxins that can easily lower your immune system’s defenses and increase your possibility of getting sick. Drink water at every meal and if you can, carry a reusable BPA-free water bottle with you on the go so that you can have fresh water within reach.

4.)    When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based disposable hand wipes or gel sanitizers may be used to reduce the spread of germs. Make sure that you rub the gel or wipes well over your hands.

5.)    Practice health safety when near others in public. If you need to, cough or sneeze into a tissue and then throw it away. Cover your cough or sneeze if you do not have a tissue. Then, immediately clean your hands by washing, gel, or wipes, and do so every time you cough or sneeze.

How do you stay illness-free during cold and flu season?

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