Is your goal to lose weight in 2011? If this is on your to do list we have a great 3 part blog series by Dr. Dan to help you reach that goal! has three fantastic products which work synergetically to help control appetite and boost the metabolism. Dr. Dan has been his own test guinea pig and has lost 17 pounds with these wonderful products. Please read on and let us know your weight goals and maybe what other things you have tried in the past to lose weight.

This article will discuss four aspects of weight loss. If you are like me, your eyes are already starting to glaze over at the mention of weight loss. I understand completely. I have been fighting weight gain since I was about 8 years old. I was the only fat kid in most of my grade school classes. I guess I was ahead of my time because childhood obesity is not such a rare event anymore.

I wouldn’t even bother to spend the time it takes to write this except that I have found a combination of factors that will help many people. I waited to say anything because I didn’t want to jinx my own weight loss. Usually when I find something that seems to be working and mention it to anyone else, I immediately gain 5 pounds. I promise not to get over excited by this and pump up the rhetoric to unbelievable levels.

The first component of weight loss is general health. Some people find that when their general health improves they tend to get closer to their ideal weight. I am not writing this for those people. If you are like me, you can gain weight no matter what. I once trained for a marathon in the 1980’s and gained about 7 pounds even though I was running over 50 miles per week.  I won’t be discussing general health. I am going to make the assumption that you are working on that but still need find an easier way to keep the weight off.

The basic concept of weight loss is simple, that is finding a way to balance your appetite with your body’s needs. Sounds simple enough but as you know appetite often has little to do with what your body needs to run at its peak.

I have found three different products that work together to do just that, balance appetite with the body’s needs.  They are NeuroScience Daxitrol, LifeWave SP6 Patches and ProBlen HGH Homeopathic Formula.

They all do something different and separately may not be that effective. Using them in concert is the key.

First let’s talk about the SP6 Patches because they are the most unique of the three. LifeWave SP6 Patches are designed to help normalize hypothalamus activity. The hypothalamus controls things like body temperature and appetite. One of the first things we noticed with women using this patch is that hot flashes associated with peri-menopause tended to decrease if not disappear.

The LifeWave Patches are entirely energetic meaning that unlike most patch technology that allows a constant infusion of certain chemicals into the body, these stimulate your body to produce the desired biochemical reactions. These patches are absolutely unique in the marketplace and have not been able to be reverse engineered by competing companies. Normalizing hypothalamus function helps control appetite because your hypothalamus responds to different chemical signals to increase or decrease your desire to eat.

You will use one patch at a time. Placement of the patch does not seem to be critical. They come with basic instructions but I would add here that you probably shouldn’t use them all day. Most people with a weight problem aren’t hungry first thing in the day. The hunger develops as the day goes on. If you are like me, the major appetite begins to hit about 4 or 5 in the afternoon so I put one on then and take it off at bedtime. I will use the same patch for two or three days. You will have to tape it on after the first day because the adhesive won’t work well the second day. The adhesive is the same hypoallergenic adhesive used for band-aids.

The effect of the patch seems to last well into the next day so you don’t just get the effect when they are on your body.

Next we will discuss Daxitrol and then the HGH spray.