Gluten Free Diet

Gluten-Free Doesn't Mean Flavorless!

Anyone who is already on a gluten-free diet already knows that there are plenty of options when it comes to food.  While gluten is in so many of the things we come in contact with, limiting our gluten exposure can be simple with the right dietary choices. Today, there are countless cookbooks, restaurants, and food aisles filled with gluten-free foods, but the million dollar question is: does a gluten-free diet actually good? The answer is yes!

At, we’re well acquainted with a gluten-free diet. While we may not enjoy wheat products, we can still take advantage of many wonderful foods that everyone can enjoy. Take fresh fruits and vegetables for example. There’s nothing more delicious than a crisp summer salad or a refreshing bowl of fruit with breakfast. All of these things are gluten-free and incredibly tasty, so don’t think that you’re limited on variety. Gluten-free diets still mean that you can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, dairy products, fish, potatoes, rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, chia seed, teff, soybeans, nuts, gram flour, lupin, chocolate…the list goes on and on!

Now when it comes to gluten-free products, it’s all a matter of preference. Some people prefer a particular brand of gluten-free cracker or gluten-free cereal. Others look for certain ingredients. The key to finding a flavorful and happy medium in a gluten-free diet is to try new things and see what you like best. Ready-to-eat meals, pastas, flours, cereals, snacks, cookies…the list of gluten-free foods available in any grocery or health food store is very long. The great news is that gluten-free products have come quite a long way. Instead of tough or tasteless baked goods and breads, gluten-free products are now just as delicious as their wheat-containing varieties – and that’s something that’s important to remember.

If you’ve ever gotten the impression that a gluten-free diet is tasteless or flavorless, think again! Professional chefs, celebrity gourmets, food blogs, and even The New York Times have indicated that gluten-free diets can be flavorful, delicious, and nutritious!