I will refer here to the axiom that you are only as old as your arteries. Therefore everything you can do to keep your plumbing happy will have a favorable effect on your general health.

One factor that has been identified that can shorten the life of arteries is homocysteine. How this destroys your vascular system is still unclear but the link is accepted by most researchers. You can get a general inflammation blood workup that includes your homocysteine levels. You can ask us about that. Also refer to Direct Labs Heart Health panel.

Blood levels of homocysteine can be reduced with supplements. Key supplements are Vitamin B12, folic acid, N-acetylcysteine (NAC), omega 3 fatty acids (fish oils), Taurine, trimethyl glycine (TMG), SAM-e and ribloflavin.

B12 and folic acid are helpful for converting the free amino acid homocysteine to other compounds. Some studies have indicated that people taking higher levels of folic acid had a lower incidence of heart attacks.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) has been shown to reduce levels of homocysteine. NAC probably helps your vascular system in a couple of ways. One is that it seems to be able to bind to homocysteine so it can be cleared from the blood by the kidneys. NAC is also a precursor to glutathinone (GSH) that is a powerful anti-oxidant.

We recommend taking NeuroScience CysNAC for a NAC supplement. NeuroScience also formulates taurine that we use routinely to help balance neurotransmitter function but a welcome effect is the possible reduction of homocysteine and improved heart and vascular health.

Of course we have been recommending quality fish oils. Just about everyone knows about fish oils these days so you can buy it super cheap at the big box stores. I must caution you, however. There is a reason those are so cheap. It costs money to remove mercury and other toxins. You want to give your body the best quality supplements you can find and you won’t find a giant bottle of quality fish oil capsules for $11.99.

You can help out your heart by avoiding trans fats (otherwise known as partially hydrogenated fats), keeping your stress levels at a decent level and using a few supplements like B Vitamins, NAC, omega 3 fatty acids and maybe some taurine, SAM-e and TMG.