About Us

Who are we?

Dr. Daniel Schlenger D.C.

Dr. Dan graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Santa Clara University 1976. He continued his education at Palmer College of Chiropractic, graduating in 1982. Included in his post doctoral studies are Nutrition, Neurology, Physical Rehabilitation and much more. He has spent the last twenty five years in private practice in California and several years abroad in Spain. He and his wife Mary of thirty seven years currently reside in Nevada with their Border Collie Oscar. Together they have two children and three grandchildren who all participate on some level either as Guinea Pigs or actual hands on help with the site.

Mary Schlenger

Mary has worked with Dan in their clinic for over twenty five years. Her passions include nutrition, writing and snow skiing. As a nutritional consultant she has helped design and coach Dr. Dan’s patients in their efforts of living a healthier life. Raising her two children, Jessica and Chris and seeing them grow into the wonderful adults they are today have been her greatest joy.

Dr. Christopher Schlenger D.C.

Dr. Chris graduated from San Diego State  University with a degree in economics in 1998. He continued is studies at Western States College of Chiropractic, graduating in 2002. He lives with his wife Heather in California where he manages his busy chiropractic clinic. His post doctoral studies include Nutrition, Sports Rehabilitation and much more. He currently writes articles on nutrition for local publications and our Blog.