When we think of our pets, we think of the warmth and happiness that they bring us. We love to wake up to a wagging tail or a purring kitten. Our pets have the ability to show us unconditional love and for that we are most thankful.

But there are some pets that don’t have the chance to show their love. There are the pets in animal shelters waiting to find a new home. In honor of October being Adopt A Shelter Animal Month, we ask that you strongly consider adopting a pet into your family.

We also know that one of the reasons that some people are hesitant to adopt a new pet is because some pets in shelters have health problems. We feel that a health problem shouldn’t be the reason a pet does or does not get adopted. Therefore, we wanted to remind you that at OVitaminPro.com, we have a number of pet health supplements that have the ability to help pets with certain health issues. Make sure to check out all of the pet health supplements we have to offer to see if we can help influence your decision to adopt a loving animal who needs a home. And remember, always talk to your vet if you’re concerned about a new pet who might be unwell!