adrecor-180-capsule-23Our adrenal glands are located just above the kidneys. They are an integral part of the endocrine system, as they are responsible for producing several hormones and responding to stress. The adrenal glands are comprised of two parts: the cortex, or outer wrapping, and the medulla, which is the inner part.

The cortex produces anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol. Your body’s cortisol levels affect allergies, asthma, arthritis, how wounds heal and much more. The medulla pours out epinephrine, which speeds up the body’s metabolism and aids in coping with stress. Because these two hormones are part of the body’s fight or flight response, they are vital to your body and your well-being.

When the adrenal glands are weakened, it is then that an individual may start to notice a change in their behavior. Fatigue, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, poor appetite and a total feeling of exhaustion or giving up may become present. If these symptoms persist, adrenal system support should be sought after.

Adrenal system support is available in the form of all natural adrenal support supplements. Start feeling your very best again when you turn to the use of supplements like the following:

AdrenalGenix – This BetterGenix dietary supplement is designed to maintain healthy adrenal function and support energy levels.

AdreCor – This supplement by NeuroScience helps maintain energy levels while supporting healthy adrenal function. Also helps manage stress.

Cortisol Manager – This supplement brought to you by Integrative Therapeutics is formulated to support normal cortisol levels. Cortisol Manager works to support relaxation and reduce fatigue.

If you’re feeling stressed, fatigued and like you just don’t have the energy that you used to but nothing seems to help, look to adrenal support supplements. To learn more about these products and others, contact today at 1-877-465-0844.