Safe SupplementsThe media has been buzzing for the past few months about the effects of vitamins and supplements. We’d like to set the record straight and provide you with more information about the issues since we feel that much of the reporting done left a lot to be desired. Reporting on a health and wellness topic like the safety of supplements can be challenging and there are plenty of resources out there that we’d like to share with you to help you gain a better understanding of how important (and how beneficial) supplements can be in our lives.

Here are some articles to check out in regards to the safety of vitamins and how vitamins impact our overall health and safety. Unfortunately, when most media outlets were putting together their stories, they neglected to include some of this information:

This is just a sample of resources out there that try to explain the dynamic of the vitamin and supplements industry. It gets very complicated when you look at competition between manufacturers, the influence of the big pharmaceutical companies, and a host of other factors.

If you look at the research and the safety record for the supplements industry, you’ll see that American dietary supplements are far safer than our food supply or even many FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. You can see this record of safety just by looking through the FDA’s own database of adverse event reporting for dietary supplements.

We’ve been in this industry for a long time and the one thing we can tell you for sure is that our manufacturers that we work with put safety and quality above all things. Products made by the companies we work with go through rigorous clinical testing, research, and a manufacturing process that ensures the safest, highest quality ingredients possible.

Just remember – supplements are not a magic solution to perfect health, but they are a powerful ally. You’ll see what we mean in our next post.