At, we love to be able to help you live a happier and more enjoyable life.  We are proud to provide you with vitamins and supplements that can help you live comfortably with a variety of ailments.  It’s no fun to move through life if you aren’t feeling your best.

Although vitamins and supplements are helpful, they are not the only substances that we put into our bodies, as we must eat and drink each day.  The things we drink can greatly affect our health.  Soda for example, is full of sugar and too much sugar can lead to tooth decay or weight gain.  Grape juice contains healthy antioxidants, but still has a lot of sugar.

Something that we all drink is water.  Water keeps us hydrated, cool, and our bodies working properly.  But we have to be careful when it comes to water because there are many factors that can make it unhealthy.  We bring this up because August is national water quality month.

There are simple things you can do to help increase the quality of the water you drink:  Have your water supply tested, use a water filter, drink bottled water, make sure your plastic water bottle is actually bpa free, or follow your local news to see if there is anything that would affect the water table in your area such as construction or chemical spills.  These are just a few tips that you can follow because after all, if you are putting something in your body, you want to make sure it’s healthy.