Currently, 1 in every 175 American children is being identified as having autism, and these numbers are on the rise each year. Federal health authorities are adamant that childhood vaccinations aren’t to blame but many parents, scientists and doctors are not so sure.

The government’s position can not waver in this belief because the consequences of legal ramifications would be most profound. Imagine every parent who has vaccinated their child having their day in court!

Many people have read Dan Olmsted’s “The Age of Autism (investigative reporter and former senior editor for United Press International). In his report he spoke about Amish communities that do not vaccinate their children because of religious reasons. Autism as well as asthma was virtually non-existent in these communities!

I choose not to vaccinate my children when they were babies. I felt that putting things off until their immune systems developed made more sense. I believe if people choose to vaccinate their children they should absolutely increase their blood Glutathione levels to hopefully prevent any toxicity build up in the brain. There are some interesting studies going right now on this very topic.

Dr. Janet Kern, an adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry at UT Southwestern said, “Some children with autism are poor detoxifiers relative to normally developing children, and in particular, have trouble excreting toxic metals,” said Dr. Kern. “Toxic metals that are not eliminated may build up in the brain. Plasma glutathione has been found to be lower in children with autism, particularly, in children with autism who have regressed.

The question is do children with Autism react to vaccine toxins because they do not have enough blood Glutathione to eliminate the neural toxins? That would explain why some children develop Autism and some do not.

We are all combating neural toxins regardless if we have been vaccinated. Our drinking and bathing water, our food and our air all have levels of heavy metal contamination. I believe it’s prudent to boost your levels of Glutathione as much as possible.

The best way to boost levels is with Lifewave Glutathione energetic patches. These patches increase blood Glutathione 300%. They are easily worn on the body every other day and then thrown away. Suzanne Summers wrote about them in her latest book “Breakthrough” You can read more in her book if you’re interested. In the meantime click on the link below and protect you and your children.