April is autism awareness month so I want to discuss a couple of related factors.

I will refer you to an article written in the Annals of Epidemiology in 2009 by Carolyn Gallagher and Melody Goodman referring to the correlation between the hepatitis B vaccine and autism. In their research, they determined that infants vaccinated for hep B had a 3 times greater risk of autism than unvaccinated or later vaccinated children.

I have stated in other articles that the medical profession swears with all its might that vaccines pose no risk but only benefit. The increase in autism and increase in learning disabilities is coming from somewhere. Many parents have observed the changes in their babies shortly after receiving vaccines. Proving this is not an easy task especially if the researchers have financial and political reasons to not find the correlation.

This is bold step by Goodman and Gallagher and the publishing journal. New parents and expecting parents would do well to take note that all is not as shiny and bright as you have been told about vaccine safety.

Parents ask about the hepatitis B vaccine. I tell them that the people at highest risk for hep B infections are drug users and contaminated needles, unprotected sex and transmission to the baby during childbirth. I don’t think your baby fits the first two categories. The hospital should not assume that every expecting mother has hepatitis B. For more information, the Huffington Post has an excellent write-up from September 19, 2009.

It is my recommendation that all infants or adults be given some vitamin C support for a few days before and after vaccines. Also glutathione support is indicated.

Besides that many kids with autistic syndromes (autism spectrum disorder or ASD) respond favorably to a gluten free diet. The mechanisms are still being worked out but a likely candidate would include gluten related antibodies that interfere with key neural pathways such as the enzyme GAD or glutamic acid decarboxylase that helps convert glutamate to GABA. Glutamate is a very powerful brain stimulator and GABA is a powerful inhibitory neurotransmitter. Also some have pointed out that gluten fragments called exorphins activate pathways in the brain in a similar fashion to opiates.

That is all well and good but many parents of kids with ASD have noticed a positive change within a few days of removing all traces of gluten from the diet. The gliadin portion of the gluten complex is a glyco protein and is virtually impossible to digest. That ‘s why it is such a good storage protein and why you can use it as a paper thin pizza dough that highly resists breaking. Many people have a strong reaction to this gluten glyco protein and the brain is one of the primary damage sites.