River OtterLooking outside our window at OVitaminPro.com I can see the blossoms on the cherry tree and the tulips beginning to bud, ah Spring! Nature’s delicate balance is in full display. It brings to mind the delicate balance within our amazing bodies.

We often make good health more complicated than it should be. It’s pretty basic, really! Marine biologists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium discovered this when they began their otter sanctuary. No one had ever had otters in captivity but they soon discovered something very basic. If they gave the otters a healthy diet, free of toxins, eliminated the stress in their environment by providing an appropriate habitat the otters thrived! How simple is that!

The same goes for our health. If we eat a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein, get plenty of rest and eliminate the toxins in our lives we will also thrive!

For the otters sometimes a healthy diet consisted of vitamin supplementation. Often the otters came to the aquarium under duress due to circumstances in the wild. Many of our clients come to the OVitaminPro.com sanctuary under duress as well!

Here are a few basic suggestions:

1. Start with a digestive enzyme like Glutenflam or Super Digestzyme.  Most everyone can benefit from digestive enzymes. Health begins in the gut!

2. A good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that fills in the gaps of your diet. I like Male-Zyme and Fem-Zyme because they gender specific.

3. Fish oils for inflammation and cell health, Omega-Co3 for example.

4. Calming to help with sleep is also important. Nuvoxil and Kaviance are two of our best sellers designed for this purpose.

One last thing I have observed with otters, having lived next to the Pacific Ocean most my life, is they spend a lot of time playing and having fun. I don’t know if this was noted in the journals at the aquarium but I believe it is a key element to a healthy life. Eat well, live well, and have some fun!!