For many of us, our pets are beloved members of our family, too. Their health is just as important as that of your human family members. Care for the well-being of your pet with the animal health line of Thorne Research supplements. Keep your furry friends – large or small – happy and healthy with these products designed especially for them.

Take Bacillus CoagulansVET for example; this supplement contains Bacillus Coagulans for maintaining proper gut flora, and healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs, cats and horses.

Another product designed to keep your four-legged companion healthy is Hepagen. There is Hepagen-C for dogs and Hepagen-FC for cats and small dogs. It serves as liver support, aiding in the detoxification process and to promote healthy glutathione levels in cats and small dogs.

Looking to boost your pet’s immune system? No problem. ModucareVET does just that. This supplement contains Sterols and Sterolins that will support a healthy immune system, maintain a healthy balance of T-helper and 1/T-helper 2 white blood cells. It also works to modulate the stress response by supporting optimal DHEA to cortisol ratios.

In order to boost your dog or cat’s musculoskeletal health, look to Arthoplex. This product is designed to support joint health, alieve occasional soreness and stiffness and improve cartilage and joint mobility.

To find out more about these and other Thorne Research supplements specifically designed for veterinary support, contact us today. To find out if these products and others from the Thorne Vet line are right for your pet, consult your pet care professional.