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UCLA Alzheimer’s Study – A Surprising Find

It has been two years since UCLA published a study, that is the only research project to date, that has shown a reversal of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The problem is that the treatment in this study is not a pill that allows you to continue with your favorite habits like normal. However, it requires some […]

GABA, the Pituitary and Exercise

We’ve talked about GABA before. GABA, for the unfamiliar, is the common acronym for the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid. The molecule does not diffuse across a healthy blood-brain barrier, and it isn’t actively transported across either, so the brain needs to make its own GABA. That means that GABA supplements shouldn’t do much to improve […]

Blood Brain Barrier – Part One of Two

Most people have at least heard of the blood brain barrier (BBB). This barrier isn’t exactly a wall but a physiological system of substance control that is allowing some things in and preventing the movement of others into the brain. This was first observed in people with jaundice (from bilirubin) or a yellow color throughout […]