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NAC and Glutathione Production

Here at OVitaminPro, we’ve been using neurotransmitter support for the better part of two decades, so I am always interested in what other professionals have to say on the topic. I subscribe to a newsletter from Dr. H, who has been heavily invested in neurotransmitter testing and treatment for more than 20 years and has […]

Microbiome and Probiotics Part 2

The last time we talked about the Human Microbiome Project, research recognized that you can’t just kill all microbes to improve health. The germ theory of disease has come a long way. We, as human beings, are really an ecosystem that involves a complex cooperation between human and microbiome cells. It can be assumed that […]

Spotlight On: ClearVite CLA

ClearVite CLA is designed to support the intestines, perform a liver detoxification, and support your sugar metabolism, your muscular system and your body’s gastrointestinal function. On top of cleansing the body of harmful toxins, it is also an integral part in eliminating potentially damaging foods from your diet. While taking ClearVite CLA, your body will […]