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Detoxing Your Body for Your New Year’s Resolution

There are many great ways to improve and revitalize your body as part of your New Year’s resolution. From quitting smoking to going on a diet, you can’t lose! If you are serious about improving your body as part of your resolution, we recommend that you start with a good detox cleanse. When you’ve cleansed […]

Spotlight On: BioRay

BioRay bills itself as a natural detox source and we have to agree – they certainly know how to use nature’s best to rid the body of toxins while strengthening one’s sense of wellbeing! BioRay’s philosophy behind their products is based on traditional Chinese medicine and herbalism. For thousands of years, Chinese practitioners of holistic […]

Improve Your Health With A Body Detox

Unbeknownst to most of us, every day we come in contact with countless toxins.  If you find yourself feeling sluggish or out of sync, can’t seem to lose weight or are struggling with skin problems, aches or digestive problems, toxins are likely the leading cause of your issues. From the food we eat, to the […]