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The Benefits of Colon Cleanses

Having a bad digestive system may not be your fault! Have you ever considered doing a colon cleanse to help remove toxins in your body and improve your system? Many health specialists recommend doing a cleanse to help improve your body’s overall health, as well as eliminate the risk of colon cancer. Take a look […]

What’s Ox Bile?

When looking at an ingredient label for a digestive enzyme supplement or any sort of natural digestive aid, you may have come across ox bile as an ingredient and wondered why it made its way into your supplement. Here’s the short story. Your liver makes bile and stores it in your gall bladder until it’s […]

Give Your Gallbladder the Attention and Care it Deserves!

A healthy gallbladder is a happy one – so why do so many of us seem to have gallbladder problems? Well, for one thing, most of our diets are awful. The gallbladder is designed to store bile and aid the body in digesting fat, but in the modern world, our diets are riddled with high […]