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Preparing a Fall Exercise Routine

Fall is just around the corner and the weather is changing, so it’s time to start preparing your fall exercise routine. Having a great exercise routine in fall means getting outdoors and enjoying some of the lovely weather before you have to seal yourself indoors when winter arrives. Are you having trouble figuring out a […]

Get Active This Spring

Feeling drained? Constantly yawning? Too tired to go out? After this long winter, so many of us are feeling exactly that. Don’t reach for another cup of coffee – reach for energy supplements! Battling winter fatigue is tough. It can lead to heightened anxiety, depression, and overall stress. It can leave us feeling sluggish, worn […]

The Benefits of Using Energy Patches

Have you been feeling tired during the day while working? Does that “two o’clock feeling” seem to creep up on you at noon? OVitaminPro has just the thing for you! We are proud to offer LifeWave Energy Patches to keep you moving throughout the day. These non-transdermal patches, as well as LIfeWave’s other great patches, […]