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“Is Sitting the New Smoking?”

Do we need a ball chair, an expensive ergonomic wonder chair, a treadmill desk, a standing desk or all of the above? You have, no doubt, seen this discussion in every major news and lifestyle outlet, so let’s talk about sitting. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic was looking at the question of why some […]

GABA, the Pituitary and Exercise

We’ve talked about GABA before. GABA, for the unfamiliar, is the common acronym for the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid. The molecule does not diffuse across a healthy blood-brain barrier, and it isn’t actively transported across either, so the brain needs to make its own GABA. That means that GABA supplements shouldn’t do much to improve […]

Preparing a Fall Exercise Routine

Fall is just around the corner and the weather is changing, so it’s time to start preparing your fall exercise routine. Having a great exercise routine in fall means getting outdoors and enjoying some of the lovely weather before you have to seal yourself indoors when winter arrives. Are you having trouble figuring out a […]