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What’s Spirulina?

Sometimes you’ll find yourself taking a multivitamin supplement and it will occur to you that you just have no clue what’s in the thing! Our team knows that there is a lot to learn when you are taking supplements, so we have done some of the research for you. This month, the OVitaminPro team is […]

Fighting a Cold the Natural Way

As we head into the winter season, it’s important that you stay healthy. Having a cold can put you out of commission, ruin holiday events, and make you feel miserable during the most wonderful time of the year. Our online shop features a variety of supplements that can help you stop a cold in its […]

Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

The problem with leaky gut syndrome is that it isn’t one of those conditions that is self-limiting. Self-limiting means that over time it will correct itself. An example of a self-limiting problem is a cut on your lip. Even if you need a stitch or two it tends to heal up very quickly without any […]