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What You Need to Know About Sleep

Some people have what I call “the gift of sleep.” No matter how stressed or out of sorts their body is, they can somehow still sleep. This post isn’t written for them. I’m more interested in talking to those of you who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. We know a lot about the effects of […]

Natural Sleep Aids for Getting More Rest

Without enough sleep, our body experiences a wide array of stresses and health concerns, ranging from irritability to weight gain, depending on the prolonged deprivation of rest. We need sleep but for many of us, finding it can be difficult. We have stressful lives and we live in a fast-paced world that never seems to […]

Sleep! We all want it, but are we getting enough of it?!

When people describe sleep problems they usually talk about difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep. These are different problems but natural remedies can often help either one. But first let’s establish a little context. Due to furious research about sleep, we understand more and more but some aspects still are unknown.  Some decades ago […]