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Telomere Testing, Omega-3 Index Testing & Blood Tests

Telomere testing, omega-3 index, and blood tests-these are tests you will want to utilize routinely to monitor your health progress. I will give a brief summary of each so you have what you will need to do your own research to convince yourself of the value of doing these periodically. Think of lab tests as […]

Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Supplements?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of nutritional supplements you find yourself taking? I haven’t done an official count of what I take, but a quick mental calculation says it’s about 35 or so, and I have a specific reason for each one. I have hesitated to share this in the past, because nobody […]

Tips to Fight Fatigue at Work

Are you barely surviving the workday? Feeling groggy and sluggish with hours of work ahead of you? This lack of energy and feeling of overall tiredness can be signs of serious issues like depression, anemia or thyroid problems. However, these are not always the norm – sometimes cases of fatigue simply become evident as a […]