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Hierarchy of Care

To be safe, I generally recommend a hierarchy of health treatment. You realize that I am talking of non-emergency issues here. By hierarchy, I mean starting with the least invasive type of treatment with the lowest risk and working up to methods with more risk. For example, you can start with home remedies and if […]


COPD is a general term describing chronic breathing problems especially chronic bronchitis, emphysema or a combination of both. This is the third leading cause of death in the world. Besides death statistics, I would also like to see a misery index (not the band) that is people with breathing problems can have a high level […]

Health Changes Are Inevitable, But You Can Affect Them Through Habit

Some time back I was having a conversation with a person in their early 80s about some diet changes that I could see would be important. At that time this person was seemingly in good shape by traditional standards. He walked about 4 miles several days a week, flew and maintained his own airplane, restored […]