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Hemp-Derived Products Such as Hemp Extract Cream for Muscles are Now Federally Approved for Use and Deemed Safe

For a few months we have been offering a hemp extract lotion formula for muscle aches called Better Muscle Relief. We have been using this formula ourselves and have had excellent feedback from others. Results are often noticed within a couple of minutes. This hemp extract cream is readily absorbed and is non greasy. The […]

The Benefits of Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6)

We have been recommending IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate) for several years, primarily for helping to reduce minor serum iron elevation. IP6 is an excellent chelator of metals and is fairly inexpensive and highly available in stores and through online health supplement distributors. We have become aware of some other important uses of IP6 that you should […]

Children Are Not Getting as Much Vitamin D as They Need

Little by little the popular press is reporting on benefits of vitamin D, and recently the benefits for children specifically. Many of you already know about the benefits of vitamin D in the prevention and recovery of women with breast cancer, or the studies done on Parkinson’s and diabetes. Now, leading pediatricians say that all […]