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A Brief History of Stress (And How to Deal With It)

All living creatures have to deal with stress, from an amoeba moving toward a more favorable pH to a deer avoiding the local wolf pack, or even a human like you or me, dealing with family problems. Where the human being has an edge is our understanding of stress, which gives us clues to help […]

10 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress Naturally

Have you been feeling stress during the Holiday season? OVitaminPro has 10 great ways to help you beat stress naturally: Meditation – Mediation is perhaps one of the best paths to clarity. Find the meditation methods that work best for you and use them to prevent stress from getting you down. Drinking Green Tea – […]

Stop Stress and Sleepless Nights – Manage Your Cortisol

Thank you so much to all of you who chosen OVitaminPro to be a part of your health-care strategy.  We are seeing more and more familiar names and addresses pop up in our orders. Your confidence in us is much appreciated and we will work hard to be worthy of your trust.  Like I always […]