Without the right nutrition, we can never hope to be as healthy as we could be. In fact, our diet comprises a major portion of what makes us healthy. From our weight and skin condition to the way we feel and our ability to prevent illness, nutrition touches every part of our overall wellness. March is National Nutrition Month and at OVitaminPro, we want to help you take care of your body starting at the most important part: your diet.

The first thing you should do to start eating better is to take a close look at your diet. You may want to keep a food journal or work with a nutritionist to analyze your current diet and see what areas are lacking. At OVitaminPro, we advise our customers to pursue a diet similar to that of the Paleo Diet: few grains, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein. We’ve also found that the Mediterranean Diet, which is high in healthy fats, fresh foods, and fish, can be beneficial. The key is to cut out fatty fried foods, processed foods, and foods high in sodium.

Next, you’ll need to decide on a diet plan. For some people, following a regimented schedule or diet routine may be needed in order to get healthy. Some people prefer a more laid-back approach, choosing instead to begin their nutrition journey by making better choices, such as baked over fried.

When you’ve reached this point of taking a closer look at your nutrition, we also recommend you doing a bit of self-reflection. How does your current diet make you feel? What areas do you feel need improvement? What nutrients are you missing? Do you know what the right portions are? What do you hope to achieve through healthier eating? Questions like these can help you develop the right sort of plan for getting healthy, plus, they may point you in the direction of analyzing your diet at a much deeper level. If you find yourself not feeling well with your current diet, it may be time to seek out gluten intolerance testing or other clinical lab testing to see what your body needs. At OVitaminPro, we offer several clinical lab tests, blood testing, and gluten intolerance testing to help you get a better grasp of what’s going on with your body.

When you start working on healthier eating and actually dive in to a particular diet plan, you’ll also want to supplement your progress with the right tools. For some people, that means supplementing minerals, vitamins, or probiotics. We have a variety of resources that can guide you through this step in the nutrition process:

Nutrition is a major component of what gives us the best quality of life. Let us help you this month with tips, strategies, and advice on how to eat better and do right by your digestive system.