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Little by little the popular press is reporting on benefits of vitamin D, and recently the benefits for children specifically. Many of you already know about the benefits of vitamin D in the prevention and recovery of women with breast cancer, or the studies done on Parkinson’s and diabetes. Now, leading pediatricians say that all children, from newborns to teens, should double the usually recommended amount of vitamin D, whether through children’s vitamins, diet, or natural sunlight. There is evidence that it may actually prevent serious diseases.

To meet the new recommendations of 400 units daily, most everyone will need to take a daily vitamin D supplement. This includes breastfeeding babies. In fact, breast-fed babies tend to be more vitamin D deficient. Babies also tend to not get much sunshine because pediatricians and dermatologists recommend keeping them out of the sun for skin health reasons.

It is clear Americans are not getting enough vitamin D in their diets. Many teens have replaced milk with things like soda or coffee drinks, and they rarely eat vegetables or fish that are high in vitamin D.

Of course, a great source of vitamin D is natural sunlight. This requires 15 to 30 minutes a day in direct sunlight at most latitudes when the sun is high, without sunscreen and with a significant amount of skin exposed. In a perfect world this would be enough, but chemicals like glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup that is in everyone’s bloodstream) inhibits the body’s ability to make and utilize vitamin D. The list of problems caused by glyphosate is long, but the interference with vitamin D is a good reason to avoid glyphosate at every point. To do this, look for free-range, organic, non-GMO products.

The latest studies coming out indicate that vitamin D daily requirements are actually much higher than the recommended 400 units. Many are recommending 2,000 units daily, especially for adults with bone loss, diabetes, or Parkinson’s.

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