Our body is a powerful machine, capable of doing all sorts of things on its own. However, when it comes to vitamins, our bodies can use a bit of support. This is especially true with children. While it is possible to obtain the vitamins and nutrients we need from the various foods that we eat, there are other ways to receive these key vitamins. In the case that we are not eating a healthy variety of foods, we can look to daily multivitamins to provide them for us.

Children's chewable vitamins by Multigenics

For example, there are children’s chewable vitamins that your kids will love. The Multigenics Outrageous Orange chewable tablets will surely be a hit in your household. This formula is designed for children as young as age 2 and is suitable for adult use, as well. The suggested usage varies based on age – children between ages 2 and 4 should take one daily; children ages 4 to 7 should take one tablet daily one to two times; and children over age 7 and adults may take one tablet three times daily. Consult your healthcare provider to determine the proper dosage for your child.

The Multigenics multivitamins support healthy liver function, adrenal function, bone health and antioxidant protection. It’s your source for balanced B vitamins and other essential vitamins and minerals needed for nutritional support.

By educating your children at a younger age about the importance and the benefits of daily vitamins, you will be setting them up on the pathway to success for a healthy life. If you start your children on a regimen to take their vitamins, they will look forward to taking them each day. They may even remind you that they need to take them!