The immune system is like the body’s army. It fends off invaders such as bacteria, viruses, toxins, and anything else the body perceives as harmful. In order to carry out its marching orders, the immune system uses internal chemical messengers to coordinate its activities. These chemical messengers are called cytokines and they are absolutely essential for removing harmful invaders from the body. Cytokines are lumped into two general categories which include “Pro-inflammatory” and “anti-inflammatory”. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are the battle orders that initiate immune system combat. Conversely, anti-inflammatory cytokines are like the braking mechanism that instructs the immune system to shut down when the battle is over.

In today’s stressful, unrelenting environment, our lifestyles predispose us to frequent immune challenges that result in chronically elevated pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, also called chronic inflammation. While pro-inflammatory cytokines are essential for combating acute illness, their persistent elevation has dire consequences on our health. Excessive levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines have been linked to depression, insomnia, cardiovascular disease risk, obesity, and a host of other major health concerns.

As such, minimizing or eliminating chronic inflammation has major implications for improving health. Many of the most common recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle, such as diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise, and adequate sleep, also apply to minimizing inflammation. Additionally, immune function can be enhanced through supplemental products such as fish oil, herbal preparations, and an exciting new formula from NeuroScience called Avipaxin. Avipaxin reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines through a unique mechanism that involves brain communication to the nervous system. Since the brain is a major controller of inflammation, providing the proper nutrients to support this communication pathway can be very effective for decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines.

If chronic inflammation and/or complex symptoms are a concern you may be experiencing, consider the options listed above to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines and restore optimal health!

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