I have read and heard about some sudden onsets of celiac or similar disorders after a stressful period or after an accident. It only seems mysterious if a person does not understand protein messengers called cytokines.

Cells communicate with each other via protein messengers called cytokines. Cytokines are instrumental in control of the regulation of intestinal permeability and blood flow via their influence on the balance of NOS or nitric oxide synthase.

Damage to cells from an accident or from an infusion of cortisol can trigger the release of cytokines that code for the production of an inflammatory response. Part of this response is a disruption of the balance of the NOS system. This can lead to increased intestinal permeability that will allow larger particles to pass into the blood leading to an increased immune response and increased inflammation. Also this NOS balance disruption will cause blood flow changes that can aid in the inflammatory process too.

Therefore a person with a subclinical case of gluten sensitivity with intestinal damage that hasn’t reached the symptom stage yet needs just a small cytokine boost along with the change in NOS balance and the symptoms appear. Because this type of inflammatory problem is not self correcting the symptoms continue even when the stress has passed.