When the weather gets colder outside, especially in areas that see harsh winters, it can be easy to feel less happy or have no desire to get out and do much of anything. Depression in the winter months is very common and there are various reasons to feel down and not quite like your usual self. It can happen to anyone. It is nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. Depression duNeuroScience Balance Dring this time of year can be brought on by many causes, such as:

  • Not enough activity – When the temperatures drop, it’s very easy to simply curl up on the couch and read or watch television. However, your physical activity does not need to suffer during the winter months; you can still keep active, which will help promote better moods. Lift your spirits by moving around through outdoor activity like ice skating or snowshoeing. Hitting the gym is also a healthy option.
  • Worrying about holiday expenses – If your finances have you stressed and anxious, this can do a number on your emotions. Before you fret over the numbers in your bank account or the credit card statements you’ll receive, reconsider those expensive gifts. Sometimes giving a homemade gift is the more affordable choice.
  • Not eating healthy – During the winter months, we are faced with holidays and the foods that come along with them. When you know you will be attending a gathering with friends, family and fattening food, try to eat healthier foods during the day like fruit, vegetables and lean protein. These foods will help fuel your body and keep a well-balanced mind.
  • Feeling alone – While the holidays tend to be reserved for family time, you may feel alienated if you’re on your own. Make a difference in your life and the lives of others by volunteering in the community at a nursing home, homeless shelter or a hospital.

These are just a few common on-sets for depression in the winter months. Even if you think you’re feeling blue is normal, it could develop into a severe case of depression. Know the warning signs; understand that it can happen to you or someone you love, but that there are ways to treat it and overcome it. Depression support supplements are an effective solution to lifting your spirits once again. Contact us today to learn more or consult your healthcare provider.