When we think of November the first thing that comes to mind is Thanksgiving. But did you know that November is also Diabetes Awareness month? OVitaminPro.com always believes prevention is paramount, so we asked Dr. Daniel Schlenger D.C to write a blog on this very topic.

Dr Dan:

Researchers all seem to agree that we can expect a dramatic rise in diabetes in the next couple of decades. Some say the rate will double while others estimate it will triple. Either way, this increase is quite alarming. One of these people could be you or somebody you love.

Annual costs are expected to at least triple from the current $113 billion per year to $336 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a “b”.  That’s a number so high that only a pharmaceutical company or hospital chain can understand it. That’s no big deal if it is somebody else’s money, but a huge problem if you are the diabetic because more often than not, some of that is directly coming out of your pocket. If it is the neighbor next door, you are going to pay higher insurance rates and higher taxes as some of the costs are going to fall on the general public either for care or government subsidized research, for example.

These numbers might even be too conservative. Only time will tell.

You can protect yourself by adopting a simple attitude shift. The general trend in medicine is to wait until you have diabetes before initiating some sort of heroic treatment. By then, the body is so damaged that repair is difficult, if not impossible. At that point the disease is permanent, so management becomes the only solution. Too many people and industries make money on your illness that it is no surprise that our culture is content to let you get sick.

The attitude shift I mentioned is a determination to prevent disease before it happens. With simple blood tests that have been around since at least the 1950’s, we can spot the danger years and years before it manifests as a full blown disease. Too often doctors recommend spot checks of your blood profile due to insurance reimbursement protocols. These are inadequate to see the complete picture.

For mid life adults and older, we recommend a routine blood test once a year for general screening purposes. We have an excellent relationship with Direct Labs and can facilitate a blood draw and analysis just about anywhere in the US. We don’t charge to review your blood work and make recommendations. If you are otherwise in good shape but your blood sugar is climbing, we will most likely suggest Apex Glysen and Protoglysen and Nutri-West E-Tocotrienols. Also, we can help with your evaluation from gluten sensitivity that is often a key factor in blood sugar problems.

I want you to determine that you aren’t going to be in those horrendous diabetes statistics. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, drop us a line and we will walk you through it. Prevention is way cheaper than treatment both in dollars, misery and in suffering.

Dr. Dan and I wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and to thank you for choosing OVitaminPro.com. One of things we are thankful for this season is all our faithful customers and clients!