The holidays are here - so make plans to eat smart!

The holidays, as we’ve mentioned, can be a treacherous time for anyone on a diet – or at least trying to stay healthy!  With so much temptation everywhere and plenty of goodies being shared by our friends, family, and coworkers, it can be tough to stick to your diet plan while still enjoying the taste of your favorite holiday sweets. Can there be balance? Can you make it through the holidays without putting on those extra pounds?


At, we know exactly what you’re going through during the holiday season. We’ve been there too and we know just how frustrating it can be to watch your diet like a hawk so that you don’t start breaking your new year’s resolution of getting healthy before it starts. Not to worry – there are some ways that you can still enjoy all of your holiday favorites while still keeping up with your nutrition.

Here are our tips for staying on track:

  • Practice portion control. The holidays give us a tendency to overeat and overindulge, so portion control during this time is more important than ever. You can still enjoy the taste of Christmas cookies – but eat one instead of five. Smart portion control allows for you to sample all of your favorite holiday dishes while keeping calories, sugar, fat, and sodium better in check.
  • Take a multivitamin. We tend to get pretty stressed during this time of year and oftentimes, we neglect taking care of ourselves at the very core: our diets. When tensions start to mount, it’s often our diet that goes to the dogs first. Take care of yourself this holiday season by starting out your routine with a daily multivitamin. It’s the right foundation for a healthy diet plan.
  • Drink more water. Between peppermint lattes and hot cocoa, it can be easy to overindulge in beverages that don’t offer much nutrition but still taste delicious. However, these drinks usually pack a lot of extra calories into your diet. Instead, reach for a glass of water the next time you’re feeling thirsty. Add a twist of citrus if you want to spice up the flavor.
  • Make smarter food choices. Making a diet work during the holidays is no easy task, but it can be done. Do your best to choose the healthiest foods available. Eat more veggies. Choose broiled or grilled over fried. Cut back on the bread. Nosh on fresh fruit instead of cookies when you get a snacktime craving. Simple choices like these can pay off in the long run when you want to maintain weight and stay healthy.

Remember – no matter how stressful the holidays can be, it’s still very important to take care of yourself and your diet.

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